We consider the logo design to be one of the foundations of any company that wants to make itself known in the market and stand out from the competitors. For us, the logo is an excellent marketing tool, as it demonstrates such important elements as the nature or specifics of the brand. Thanks to this, the company is correctly associated and remembered.

Be sure to check out our portfolio. Maybe you will find inspiration for your brand in it.

создать логотип

Logo is a face

Logo (trademark, emblem) is the main symbol, the main distinguishing feature of any company, organization, or event. These signs (graphic elements) or inscriptions contain images, essence, prospects of the company, and its dialogue with the consumer.

When creating beautiful and bright logos, we use:

  • Denotative design based on first-level associations. In this case, all the meanings of the logo are obvious and lie “on the surface”.
  • Connotative design (second-level associations). Such logos carry deep, hidden meanings.

Want a logo design?

What do we offer?

Based on our professional experience in logo development, we have formed a “3+3” offer for our clients. By ordering a logo development from us, the client receives 3 completely different concepts. By choosing one of them, the client still has the right to have 3 more free developments of this concept.

After the client has approved the final version of the logo, we create 5-7 visualizations of the logo. These are realistic projections of the logo on various advertising surfaces: signs, cups, pens, clothing, packaging, vehicles, etc. With the help of visualizations, it is much easier for the client to imagine how his logo will look in real life.

We also provide the client with vector* and raster original layouts of logos in the required extensions/formats (ai, eps, png, jpg, pdf).
*– sometimes they are called “logo in curves”, which is a logo that can be scaled without loss of quality.

Logo design

The logo is a powerful means of communication

Using our logo as an example, we show you how it can be used to show taste, season, mood, holiday, feelings, threat warning, and even send a message to the enemy.

All this is the language that the brand communicates with people. The logo forms the necessary perception and attitude towards the entire brand.

So the development of a logo is not just the creation of a “picture”, it is a complex creative process of our specialists, taking into account all the desires and needs of the client and his target audience.

Volodymyr Shevchenko:

“Creating a logo is fun and interesting! And when we are interested, great ideas are born by themselves. All that our clients need is to use the full potential of the ideas for the logo that we have put in it.”

Generating ideas

Our ideas help brands:
– to claim the space to which they are intended;
– to define and have its own category;
– to become part of the culture.
Our ideas are noticed, discussed, shared.

Why choose us?

Creative agency PYROMIDA has been introducing modern trends in graphic design since 2016, based on ideas and experience in many disciplines (design, psychology, marketing, medicine, etc.). We specialize in corporate identity, print and motion graphics, and art.

Although our agency is located in Ukraine, we have enough experience in cooperation and projects in European countries, as well as in the United States of America. Thanks to Zoom, we can easily and conveniently communicate with our clients who value time savings by managing their projects remotely.

PYROMIDA is an agency known for its approach to designing logos and corporate identity for each project. We are always attentive to details and nuances of projects as they develop.

Interested in logo design?

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