Volunteering and Charity

On February 24, 2022, a full-scale war of russia against Ukraine began, which, in fact, has been going on since 2014. During this time, thousands of civilians united in volunteer units and organizations. Their goal is to help the military and the victims of russian aggression.

Among them: the TopMedical clinic and the social organization UNIA Ophtalmica, which began to cooperate with the Association of Volunteers in Zaporizhzhya.

the task


Because of the expansion of the geography of assistance and the increase in areas of activity, the management of the TopMedical clinic and members of the SO “UNIA Ophtalmica” decided to create a charitable organization UniaUA.

This fund will speed up the process of obtaining financial assistance from abroad and will allow for cooperation with international organizations, receiving grants and targeted funding from them. All this is extremely necessary for high-quality assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.




This concept can be jokingly called “Ukrainian magnetism”. As can be seen from the legend, the logo is formed from the Latin letter “U”, which is combined with the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The shape and color allocation of the logo reminds a magnet.



After creating a new logo, we developed new corporate style elements (caps, t-shirts, cups, badges, etc.).

Now everyone involved in the charitable foundation has the opportunity to receive cool souvenirs and visual identifiers.

If you need to design a logo or corporate identity, please contact us! We at the PYROMIDA agency have a lot of experience in branding (creating a corporate identity) in the areas of healthcare, oil refining, engineering, IT, FMCG products, metal rolling, construction, gardening equipment, education, clothing, music, etc.