Creative advertising for ТМ Iron Angel

About the project

Norman Douglas once said: “The ideals of a nation can be judged by its advertising.”

When creating a series of advertising prints for the IRON ANGEL trademark, the basis for it were ideals close to understanding of the target audience (sexuality, vulgarity, fun, etc.), designed in a triune concept:

  • two words with a double meaning;
  • thematic photo;
  • humor.

This advertising concept presented the customer with an original approach to the advertised goods. It is presented in a completely unexpected aspect of the advertised brand.

Creation of advertising prints

The main task of advertising is to sell, and advertising is a reliable means of return on investment. At the same time, creative advertising sells much better.

What is the difference between creative advertising and regular advertising? The main features of this are:

  • memorability (a person remembers and perceives such advertising much easier);
  • originality (this is one of the main differences from ordinary advertising);
  • non-standard thinking of the author (the author, creating this type of advertising product, goes beyond the standard and boring stereotypes).

Advertising must be unusual, catchy, and understandable for the target audience. Correct advertising causes positive emotions, which simplifies its memorization and forms positive associations with the advertised product.

Creative image advertising is a logical continuation of the increase of the company’s intangible assets of the business, the image in the eyes of the target audience. Such advertising increases the capitalization of the business.

As part of the cooperation between the PYROMIDA agency and the Iron Angel trademark, in addition to the case with the creation of creative advertising prints, an image of the corporate character ROBOT was developed. By clicking on the link, you can get acquainted with this case.