Apelsin is a brand of German premium energy drinks and lemonades of a new generation.

The uniqueness of Apelsin energy drinks is that they do not have components harmful to the heart.

The drinks were first introduced in Ukraine at the end of 2020.

Our team joined the promotion of the brand throughout Ukraine in spring 2021.

TASKS: SMM (Instagram), website development, photography, consultations.

smm apelsin

SMM (Instagram)

The goal of SMM at the 1st stage:

  • creating A-class content, showing all the unique features of the drinks.

The goals of SMM at the 2nd stage:

  • brand promotion;
  • increase the number of subscribers;
  • search for partners;
  • sale the drinks through Instagram.

To achieve these goals, our team worked productively with a targeting specialist and influencers.

рекламное агентство

Denys Lyuty:

“Strategy + Content + Targeting + Influencers = the most effective combination for the legal and successful promotion of any brand in social networks.
We never use and do not recommend “gray” promotion methods to anyone (gaining bots, masfollowing, etc.)”


One of the components in the SMM content strategy for Apelsin is the creation of creatives for publications and advertising campaigns.

Creative advertising catches the eye, surprises, and amazes. And most importantly, it allows you to stand out among numerous competitors and attract new customers to the brand’s social networks.


As part of this direction, a series of product and advertising photoshoots are carried out.

Photos are used to create unique content in the following media:

  • publications and advertising campaigns in social networks;
  • printed promotional products at points of sale;
  • content for the site.


As part of the content strategy of the Apelsin brand, videos and 2D animations are created. These promotional videos are great for diversifying static content and increasing audience engagement.


The specialists of our advertising agency created a website for Apelsin. It was filled considering all the subtleties of writing texts for further SEO optimization and, as a result, better ranking in the Google search engine.

The site is 100% adapted to the mobile version, which is now one of the most important criteria for the effectiveness of websites (their indexing and ranking in Google).


Our specialists are engaged in the search for bloggers according to key parameters:

  • the quality of the influencer’s audience;
  • activity and engagement on the page;
  • topics of publications, etc.

We give influencers a clear technical task, while leaving free space for their unique style in presentation of the material. Thus, advertising from a blogger is perceived by his followers as organically as possible.


We have held a number of consultations regarding the development of the brand in Ukraine, organization of events, online and offline promotion, strengthening the positive image of the brand, etc.

In the photo you can see a meeting of the heads of the advertising agency PYROMIDA Volodymyr and Denys with CEO of Apelsin Ukraine Taras.