When discussing the concept of the logo, the customer wished that the logo of the platform would differ radically from all logos in the insurance industry, because the very essence of the project is fundamentally different from everything that is available on the Ukrainian insurance market.

It was supposed to be completely different from the usual templates of what the logos of all insurance companies look like.

EASY PEASY INSURTECH is the online technological platform of Arsenal Insurance” Company.

In 2020, they brought unique neo insurance products to the Ukrainian market, created for smart people – lovers of innovation, time, and money.

The basic principle of all EASY PEASY insurance products is to pay as much as you use (car, apartment, house).

CHARACTERS Easy and Peasy

As part of the concept of the EASY PEASY INSURTECH project, two characters were developed on the basis of the round shape of the logo – funny birds Easy (girl) and Peasy (boy).

Advertising characters with their images and actions not only draw attention to the brand, but also make the consumer empathize with it, consider the brand as part of their value system.

As a rule, the advertising hero plays a major role in advertising campaigns, presentations, P.O.S. materials, packaging, and label design.


We developed a design for social networkspackaging, branded t-shirts, cups, badges, GPS trackers, etc.


Characters and other graphic elements were drawn for the mobile application. It was necessary for a high-quality perception of the brand, which will form and consolidate a positive attitude to the brand among the users and improve interaction with the application.