Our agency is always expanding the geography, as well as activities of our clients with great joy.

NikSol is a brand (privat label) of German-made fishing mixtures for which we have developed a logo.

The uniqueness of NikSol mixtures is complemented by the fact that they are produced using Dutch technology. Therefore, their quality is simply impossible to find fault with!

NikSol was founded in Ukraine in 2020. Its main specialization is mixtures (soluble granules, pellets, nozzles) for professional and amateur flat feeder fishing for carp and other freshwater fish.


An important aspect of branding is communication with the user. This happens not only through verbal contact, but also through the visual component.

Branded items (elements of clothing, packaging, transport, etc.):

  • remind the user about the product;
  • prove and emphasize the strength of the brand;
  • mark loyal customers;
  • can generate a desire to buy and join the community of brand lovers.


Our agency held a series of product and advertising photoshoots.

Photos are used to create unique content in the following media:

  • publications and advertising campaigns in social networks;
  • printed promotional products at points of sale;
  • content for the site.