Car hauling “FS Express”


FS Express is a trucking company based in the United States, headquartered in Chicago. The company transports various types of cars on its flagship Dodge RAMs 3500 to any place in America.

In the process of negotiations with the client, we found out that the main criteria for logo creation concepts should be: minimalism, simple colors, clear shapes. This triad formed the basis of the logo.


In this direction, Instagram and Facebook were created and correctly configured.

The main goals of maintaining social networks were:
1. Increasing the recognition of the company.
2. Search for Russian-speaking drivers in the state of Illinois (first of all), as well as in other states.
3. Image component.

As part of the SMM, the following was done:
– managing the pages within 1 month;
– advertising publications in Instagram and vacancies on Facebook were created to search for drivers;
– creation of a monthly content plan and its implementation (15 posts + stories);
– creation icons for highlights and filling them with initial content;
– creating a unified visual style for posting;
– competent selection of relevant hashtags with the correct frequency to increase the accounts reach of the publications even without targeted advertising.

As a result, the required drivers were found and recruited in the company. After achieving this main goal, the development of social networks was suspended.


Some examples of publications in social networks.
The main topics: about the company’s activities, the specifics of work, vacancies, and the benefits of employment in FS Express. First of all, for drivers – potential employees whom the company is searching for.

The created publications increased trust and loyalty to the company, and also provided answers to possible questions of potential employees even before calling the company.


Due to the competent selection of hashtags by relevance and frequency, our team showed a high result in organic (free) accounts reach of a new audience for most publications.

The example shows a post on Instagram, in which having only 22 subscribers (the page has just been created), hashtags managed to reach 619 people, of which 600 people are a new audience that is not subscribed to the page. Thus the organic increase of the accounts reach of this publication is 2714%!


In addition to editing photos that were used in publications, we also edited videos about FS Express car haulings.

Here is one example of a short video created for an Instagram publication. It is designed in the same style as the entire feed of the company’s social network page.

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