G.Fest online store

Our agency was contacted by a customer, who wanted to open an online store selling grills. Yes, yes, grills, not braziers. So, we were given the following tasks:

We love brands “with fire”, so we got to work.


Creating a name is a complex and very interesting process, so among five options, the client chose a name that included two meanings:
  1. G.Fest is short for Grill Fest.
  2. This abbreviation sounds similar to the name of the ancient Greek god of fire Hephaestus (in Ukrainian language).


The graphic concept of this logo has shapes, elements and fonts similar in style to American logos in the grill industry. This creates a clear and effective visual communication between the brand and the customers.

If you need to develop a logo or corporate style, contact us! We at the PYROMIDA agency have a lot of experience in branding (creating a corporate identity) in the following areas: health care, oil refining, engineering, IT, FMCG products, metal rolling, construction, garden equipment, education, clothing, music, etc.