Medical Center Logo

We have successfully carried out: work on naming, development of identity (logo and corporate style) and a website for a medical center “TopMedicalwhich main activity is diagnosis, treatment and prevention of eye diseases.

The key difference between this center and many others (besides the most modern equipment) is that the best ophthalmic surgeons from different cities of Ukraine come to TopMedical. This feature formed the basis of activity, providing the fundamental right to choose:

  • patients have the right to choose a doctor (from Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya, etc.);
  • doctors have the right to choose which Ukrainian clinic is more comfortable for them to operate.
логотип медицинского центра

Design concept

When creating the logo concept for “TopMedical”, we used the symbolism and shape of the “Red Crystal” – a new universal sign of the International Committee of the Red Cross, combined with an aim in ophthalmic surgery.

For reference: The International Red Cross Movement had two generally recognized emblems – the red cross and the red crescent. The National Society of Israel refused to use these symbols, considering them religious and used the Red Shield of David. Therefore, like a neutral to religion and nationality, they decided to introduce another emblem – the Red Crystal. This emblem is used along with the red cross and red crescent.


Clear demonstration to the client of how his new logo and corporate identity may look on different carriers.

Branded Products Design

The following were developed: notepads, pens, leaflets, flags, business cards, badges, roll-ups, plastic cards for VIP clients, forms (branded, informed consent, certificates, in Ukrainian and English).

Billboard design

Developed creative advertising for billboards. The board on which the advertisement was planned to be placed was located along the route of the pedestrians. This became the basis for the formation of advertising concepts. Compared to cars, pedestrians move at a slower speed, so more information can be placed in a creative way.

If you need to develop a logo for a medical center and its corporate identity, please contact us! We at the PYROMIDA agency have a huge experience in branding (creating a corporate identity) for medical centers, clinics, and personal logos for doctors.

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