Professor Rekalov’s Rheumatology Clinic

The clinic started working in 2019 under the brand “Clinic of Modern Rheumatology. Zaporizhzhia” and under the leadership of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Dmytro Gennadiyovych Rekalov. In 2022, the rebranding of the clinic took place, which led to changes in the name, logo and corporate style.

TASKS: Rebranding, SMM (Instagram, Facebook), website development, SEO, context advertising in Google, photoshoots, organization of webinars, consultations.




When creating the logo design concept for the clinic, the recognizable form of the letter “P” was used. This is the first letter in the surname Rekalov and in the specialty of the clinic – rheumatology (in Ukrainian language). The silhouette of a four-leaf clover, a symbol of luck, was also used.


The effective cooperation of our agency with the leading rheumatological center of the Zaporizhzhya region, the Clinic of Modern Rheumatology, began from the moment it’s opening (at the end of 2020) and still continues.

The main goals of social networks:
1. Increasing the recognition of the clinic.
2. Announcements, promotion and audience recruitment for regular educational webinars of the clinic.
3. Recruitment of groups for clinical trials.
4. Image component.
5. (rarely) Information component.

As part of SMM, the following has been done:
– creation of Instagram and Facebook pages and their correct initial setup;
– competent design of the profile header, the creation of highlight icons and filling them with content;
– systematic formation of a base of exceptionally high-quality and loyal subscribers;
– making a monthly content plan;
– regular creation of laconic posts in the unified style (static and animated);
– creating interactive engaging stories to increase the value of ER.


Several examples of laconic publications in the social networks of the clinic.
The main topics of publications are: announcements of clinical trials and educational webinars, informational and image posts.


Examples of animated publications for social networks are made in the style of Stop Motion.
Animated posts will always help you stand out from the bulk of static posts.
Due to the additional retention of the audience’s attention, animated posts also increase the ER of social networks.


Our team is actively involved in the creation of the design of promotional materials, mailing and support of webinars for the All-Ukrainian educational platform “PRO Revmo”.
The platform operates on the basis of the Clinic of Modern Rheumatology in Zaporizhzhya.

Within 1.5 years, about 100 webinars on the topic of rheumatology were held, in which more than 50’000 doctors from Ukraine and even beyond its borders took part.


As part of cooperation with the Clinic of Modern Rheumatology, our team created the clinic’s website and filled it considering the subtleties of writing texts for subsequent SEO optimization and, as a result, better ranking in the Google search engine.

We also regularly set up contextual advertising in Google to promote the website for the necessary key queries of the clinic.


Within this direction, a series of photoshoots were carried out in the following genres:
– subject;
– advertising;
– reporting.

The photos were used to create unique content in social networks, to fill the website, as well as for printed promotional materials of the clinic.


Оn strengthening the positive image of the company, marketing, promotion in Google, in social networks Instagram, Facebook.
In the photo, you can see a working meeting of the heads of the PYROMIDA advertising agency Vladimir Shevchenko and Denys Lyuty with the head of the clinic prof. Dmitry Rekalov, and with leading doctors.

If you need to develop a logo for a medical center and its corporate identity, please contact us! We at the PYROMIDA agency have a huge experience in branding (creating a corporate identity) for medical centers, clinics, and personal logos for doctors.

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