SMM is one of the most effective marketing tools for popularizing and promoting a business, building a company’s image, attracting a new loyal audience, and selling products/services.

Our team cooperates in the field of SMM with different business areas: FMCG, medicine, oil refining industry, HoReCa, etc.

Check out our portfolio for such brands as Apelsin drinks, Clinic of Modern Rheumatology, ZOG fuel company, FS Express car hauling, etc.

Why SMM?

It may surprise you, but according to the latest research, people spend an average of 2 to 7 hours a day in social networks. That is up to 40% of a day (except time for sleep)!

There are 4.9 billion people registered in social networks (2021) and this number is growing daily. There is definitely a target audience among them for any business in the world.

SMM is one of the most affordable business development tools in terms of cost and payback.

Social networks are the most effective tool for two-way communication with customers, building trust and loyalty to your brand and, as a result, increasing sales of your products or services.

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Denys Lyuty:

“As Bill Gates said: “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” And the significant part of content on the Internet is consumed by users in social networks.
Therefore, if you want to effectively run your business and grow steadily, you need to take SMM seriously and trust this marketing tool only to professionals.”

Why choose us?

Creative agency PYROMIDA has been monitoring and implementing all modern trends in SMM since 2016, effectively combining them with ideas and experience in many disciplines (design, psychology, marketing, copywriting, etc.).

We, as a multidisciplinary advertising agency, not only create high-quality content and set up targeted advertising. We think broadly, we are imbued with the mission of the brand, we deeply immerse ourselves in various related business processes, making SMM as accurate and effective as possible.

Our agency is located in Ukraine. At the same time, we have enough experience of cooperation and projects in European countries, as well as in the USA. Thanks to Zoom and another video conferencing software, we can easily and conveniently communicate with our clients who appreciate the time savings of managing their projects remotely.

Order complex SMM and targeting right now!

Creative ideas for social networks

One of the components of the SMM content strategy for business is the creation of creatives for publications and advertising campaigns.
Creative advertising is developed considering:

  • peculiarities of the target audience of the business and their needs;
  • seasonality and location of the company;
  • events, moods and the latest trends.

So, developing creative ads is not just about creating a “cool image”. This is a complex creative process of our specialists, taking into account all the desires and needs of the business and the target audience. Only this way will creative advertising be effective and efficient.


Our specialists are engaged in the search for bloggers according to key parameters:

  • the quality of the influencer’s audience;
  • activity and engagement on the page;
  • topics of publications, etc.

We give influencers a clear technical task while leaving free space for their unique style in the presentation of the material. Thus, advertising from a blogger is perceived by his followers as organically as possible.
The most successful bloggers often become brand ambassadors or brand advocates.

Photo and video

As part of this direction, a series of product and advertising shootings are carried out to create unique content for brand’s social networks, as well as for advertising campaigns (targeting).

Targeted advertising

Setting up an effective paid promotion of the brand page in social networks, aimed at brand recognition and promotion, at finding new customers/partners (lead generation), or directly selling goods/services.

Targeting is set up in the best traditions of performance marketing, with regular monitoring of all key performance indicators of advertising campaigns, A/B testing, etc.

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We are trusted

We are contacted by companies from completely different fields of activity, start-ups and professionals in various fields (psychologists, athletes, stylists, etc.).

Our team is happy to provide services for the development and promotion of social networks, as well as consultations and audits, both in business areas we already know and in completely new ones.


Our experts hold offline and online consultations on SMM, audit pages in social networks.

In what cases is it necessary:

  • if you are independently engaged in the development of your personal brand (coach, mentor, etc.);
  • if you already have relevant stuff in your company, but social networks do not give the desired effect.

We will help you identify and correct all errors, build a competent strategy for development and communication in social networks. We will find growth points, give advice on content and design, etc.

Order complex SMM and targeting right now!

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